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Commercial Video Surveillance

Protect your business with megapixel video surveillance that never sleeps.

Key Features of Video Surveillance:

Indoor and Outdoor Cameras

Always keep an eye on your business through live streaming video surveillance cameras.

We Use Industry-Leading IC Realtime NVRs

Commercial Video Surveillance

The network video recorder (NVR) is the backbone of any surveillance camera system and we can help you choose what model NVR to use for any application, home or office. Security Systems Plus installs IC Realtime NVRs. Our NVRs can accommodate 1 to 32 cameras on one unit — and you can even view them (or review footage) on your smart phone, tablet, or computer!

IC Realtime Digital Video Recorders are professional grade industrial strength devices that offer:

  • Cutting Edge Technology – Based on Linux system, MPEG4/H.264 compression technology. Pentaplex operations: live view, recording, remote access, search, backup.

  • Highly Reliable – Embedded DSP design, dedicated hardware compression. Motorola© main processing chips. ADI BlackFin© video processors. Real-time Operating System for 24×7 continuously running. Metal casing and efficient heat disperse design for durability.

  • Superior Image Quality – Live view and playback. Best compression algorithm for smaller file size and less harddisk space usage.

  • Strong Network Capability – Access full system features over the internet through IE browser or the Remote Monitor Software (PC or Apple Computers). View and control cameras from Smartphones – iPhone/iTouch/iPad, Android phones, Blackberry, Windows Mobile phones, as well as Nokia Symbian phones.

  • Flexible, Easy To Use – Easy to use Graphical User Interface. Full control on scheduling, recording, motion detection as well as network access. Instant record search. Multiple ways of record backup. Support all major CCTV industry protocols.

  • Scalability – Up-to 16 Terabyte (16,000 GB) internal storage. From 4 camera basic unit to 32 camera 960 frame per second synchronized audio and video system. External HDD Raid device support.

  • Richest Feature Set – Alarms input/output; Remote control; USB mouse connection; Multi-level users; Privacy control; Mutiple-DVR management software; rack mountable; internal raid; matrix outputs;… the list goes on.

We Proudly Install Home Automation Technology From:

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